Daily life in the flower shop can sometimes be a chaotic mess. With the phones ringing, deliveries going in and out, the sounds of scissors and stems, water and glassware, the noises and hustle can leave you feeling a little anxious and disconnected. Time passes in the workroom when all of the designers are so focused that we rarely stop to have conversation.

Building a close-knit family of floral artists takes some effort, so a few months ago, we instituted the ritual called, "Fika".

Each day in the afternoon, when the last delivery run has gone out, our designers put down their knives, put down their scissors and joyfully join one another out in the showroom for a simple cup of coffee or tea and a delectable sweet bite of something to eat. This may seem like a mere "coffee break" but it's much more than that.

"Because fika isn't just a coffee break; it's a moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life." - Anna Brones, Kitchn

Fika is a term used by the Swedes for a daily moment of respite- a chance to re-connect with those around us and catch our breath. We feel it's important to slow down. We share our recipes, we share our ideas and we share our lives.

We also understand this lesson from the flowers we work with. Appreciating the slow movement of flowers from seedling, to growth to harvest, we capture them at the height of beauty and create an environment that can be enjoyed slowly by others.

Creating community within our work environment only strengthens us as a team. Our coffee pot is out in the showroom to encourage our customers and friends to also stop by and share a "cup of joe" with us. We might even share some of Kana's special chocolates that she keeps for our Fika.

Then again, she might not.......

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